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Sewanti Stressnil 90 Capsule - Relieves Anxiety and Insomnia

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Sewanti Stressnil -  35:1 High Potency Extract Ayurvedic Mental Wellness Formula

  • Stressnil formula contains a potent 35:1 extract of 6 mental rejuvenation herbs.
  • Improves brain nervous system and circulatory system
  • Promote a restful sleep
  • Alleviates anxietydepression and insomnia.
  • Improves memory and rejuvenates the mind and senses.

Dosage: Adult dose 1-2 capsules, 500mg each, 2 times/day before breakfast and before bed time.


  • Noticeable improvement in sleep pattern in 3 days
  • Continued dosage for stress relief – 3 weeks
  • Rejuvenate mind and senses – 3 months

Stressnil contains 35:1 extract of following ingredients.

    • Moon creeper (Sarcostemma brevistigma) is traditionally used to balance the brain and nervous system
    • Clitoria (Clitoria ternatea) is traditionally used to reduce stress and enhance memory
    • Bacopa (Bacopa monnieria) is traditionally stated to be a nervine tonic, and used to promote cognitive function in children
    • Rosary nuts (Elaeocarpus tuberbulatus) are traditionally used in diseases including epilepsy and mental retardation
    • Indian Gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica) is traditionally used as a rasayana for general debility, and demonstrates antioxidant and cardiotonic effects
    • Nardus root (Nardostachys jatamansi) enhances the function of central nervous and circulatory system

      For information on research for this formulation, see the research page HERE.


      Double Blind Placebo controlled study

      The research team at Sewanti conducted a placebo controlleddouble blind clinical trial in Kerala India, for a period of 3 months on 76 patients in an age group of 20-40 years, who showed symptoms of mental stress. Significant relief was noted among treatment group.

    • No side effects such as nausea, giddiness, gastric irritation & sedation were observed during the studyrculatory systems.

      90 VCaps 500 mg each NPN 80023388


      Vegan, gluten-free, Canadian made, soy-free, lactose-free, organic, natural, kosher, fair trade, non-GMO verified, vegetarian, NSF certified, peanut-free. 

      Sewanti Stressnil -  35:1 High Potency Extract Ayurvedic Mental Wellness Formula