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For items purchased from businesses listed, Customers to deal directly with them and check with respective business policy for returns.  New Little India has no responsibility of any kind in such transactions.

Return Policy:  Strictly for Merchandise sold exclusively online directly by NEW LITTLE INDIA on this website via a shopping cart. The items cannot be accepted for credit without a prior authorization.  Returns will not be accepted 25 days after shipping date.  Returns will not be accepted on expired items.  Freight charges for returned merchandise are the responsibility of the customer, unless it is a shipping error by New Little India.

Back-order Policy: Items are not back-ordered.

Shipping Policy (Canada.): Free ground shipping on orders of $75 and above. 

We ship to USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, NZ, UAE, Singapore, Chile.

Please send us an email for your international orders.

Claims: All claims for error correction must be made within 5 days from receipt of goods. Damage or breakage which occurs during transit is the responsibility of the carrier and cannot be subtracted from the invoice. Please file your claim with the carrier as soon as possible or within 5 days.

Note: Please take the time to check your shipments while the carrier waits. If you find damage later when package is opened, contact shipper immediately and always keep original shipping box and contents in case shipper wants to inspect damage prior to authorization of claim.

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